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As a Tax and Financial Services firm we put the goals of our clients above everything else. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand you and your needs. We provide personal, professional, and sound financial solutions.

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Sound tax and financial advice is based on years of training, hard work, and passion. You’ll find all that and more at Commonwealth Tax and Insurance. We would love to get to know you and help you with your financial needs.

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Client Reviews

C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Crystal M
13 Apr 2023
Wonderful, as always. Marcus always knows the questions to ask to jog my memory for some extra savings!
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
27 Feb 2023
Very friendly, professional and patient with all my questions.would highly recommend
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Jack Highsmith
22 Sep 2021
I have never experienced anything less than a highly professional and prompt response when raising any question or need with Commonwealth Tax. Friendly, pleasant people who grasp a question or problem quickly.
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Anthony Bryant
21 Sep 2021
Very very professional and fast a wealth of tacit knowledge that every business needs
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Richard Gladue
26 Jul 2021
Outstanding service from Markus Reid. I have bought three retirement annuity products (3 different products) through Markus and am very happy with all 3. Markus is a real professional and I never have any doubt that his recommendations are in my best interest. I have been working with him for about 6 years and highly recommend him. He is very patient and takes a lot of time to answer all my questions. Highly recommended.
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Jerry Belton
19 Jul 2021
Excellent service, very professional and accurate returns.
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Alex “Yorishumo” Ogunware
17 Jul 2021
For those reading this, I will start with this: I am not a typical consumer of this type of product. At the time, I was a 29 year old African American man who has never stepped foot inside an accountant's place of business. After making a call to set up a consultation, I met with Mr. Reid and felt at ease. I didn't feel like I was bombarded with any sort of business jargon that was not understandable, and just talked about the situation I was going through with my now deceased father. He and his staff were incredibly helpful, and without his assistance, I would not have been able to save the amount I did from my father's assets without seeing a tax professional. I could recommend at least sitting down for a consultation and gauge what is needed from there for the situation at hand. I will say going forward, I will be using these services for as long as they are in business, as it has been a tremendous help to my day to day life figuring out my path to financial freedom.
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Evergreen Kaju
17 Jul 2021
My experience has been fabulous. Exceptional service!
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Susan F
16 Jul 2021
I have been working with Markus at Commonwealth Tax services and he's great! Always available and willing to assist me with all of my questions! I highly recommend.
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Chris Lane Jones
13 Oct 2020
Commonwealth Tax is Amazing. They worked on my taxes and it was done in a flash. I was able to do everything online and scan in all my receipts which is helpful since I live in Louisa, VA. I highly recommend Commonwealth and I will be back next year.
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
James Leavy
16 Aug 2020
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Rebecca Eliasek
29 Jan 2019
Great Business! Markus Reid saved my bank account when I had to file back taxes! Very affordable and professional!
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Tammy D
29 Mar 2018
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Tyree Baker
24 Feb 2017
Great service at an affordable price. Mr. Reid was knowledgeable and attentive concerning my tax needs. His expertise got me my biggest tax return ever. I am a customer for life!
C.E.L. & Associates testimonials
Monet Baker
23 Feb 2017
This is our second time using Commonwealth Tax and Insurance and each time I've had very positive experiences. This company is very professional and reliable. My taxes were completed in a very timely manner and the entire process was very easy. I look forward to continuing to do business with Commonwealth Tax and Insurance.